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Marquis of Granby _ Fleur Challis Photog



Years of Experience, Fresh as a Daisy!

Ruth Marshall and associate Father, John Rogers, work closely with corporate, independent and individual clients to understand their business and their aspirations by creating buildings and interiors for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Bars and all other Popular Places! With a proven success in both branded chains and bespoke one off solutions, sensitively delivered to meet the needs of each client brief…always and never forgetting our ultimate objective…to attract, comfort and retain the guests in an ever competitive market place


RjR has delivered award winning designs for many of our clients including Pub of the Year - Pub and Bar Awards 2019 as well as garnering numerous awards for Kent Life Pub of the Year, Kent Pub of the Year National Pub & Bar Awards 2019, Observer Top 10 Inns with Rooms 2018 and a Finalist for Best Small Hotel at Visit Kent Awards 2018.


Recent projects include The Marquis of Granby pub with Rooms in Alkham,  The Old Mill in Lymington, the White Hart in Overton and The Tiger in Stowting.

“If you are wondering if there is any way to save this institution (pubs), prepare in Rogers to meet your new messiah. (The Globe Inn Marsh) is the best designed pub I have ever been to.  Ramblinns is something unique. It is the first set of pubs I would ever want to go to for breakfast. The only pubs that offer lazy Londoners a ready-made weekend of activities, rooms and meals?. The pub is dead. Long live the pub.”  MY PUB CRAWL BY KAYAK/ Helen Rumbelow – THE TIMES – 11th August 2018

Recognising that there's much more to a successful pub than Design, our sister company, POD, combines Great People with innovative Propositions and Bespoke Design solutions with a Historic delivery for the pub and restaurant business.

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